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Jason Dawson with a tandem student in freefall over Ovid, NY
Scenic view from flight up to jump altitude over the beautiful Finger Lakes
Michael Missroon acting as tandem instructor under parachute with a tandem passenger over Ovid, New York

Enter for a Chance to Experience the Thrill

Ever looked out the window while aboard a perfectly good airplane and wondered what it would feel like to jump out? Here at Skydive Seneca Lake, it's kind of our specialty. Our drop zone is 100% skydiver owned and operated, by a team of aviation enthusiasts who are excited to share their passion with Upstate and Central NY. Which is why we have decided to give away one free tandem skydive, from the highest altitude we offer, along with a free deluxe media package, including all photos and videos from your jump!

Your experience will include an in-depth safety briefing on tandem skydiving, a one-way scenic flight up to altitude (where you will be able to see all seven Finger Lakes and even Lake Ontario!) .  You will then feel the ultimate surge of adrenaline that hits once you exit the aircraft  and begin freefalling towards the earth at 120mph. After about 45 seconds, you will feel an incredible amount of peace as your parachute opens, and your instructor hands YOU the toggles to fly it! Once you land, you will be on cloud nine the rest of the day... no pun intended.

Once safe sound and back on the ground, you will then be given the ability to watch your jump footage, and be given a take home flash drive containing all photos from your adventure, along with a generated video of your entire experience start to finish.

To enter for a chance to win simply fill out the form below, and let us know why you think you would be a great candidate for this adventure. All entries must be submitted between now and July 1, 2024.


  • Must be 18 or older to skydive. 

  • Must live a drivable distance away, and be flexible to return in case your scheduled reservation is postponed due to inclement weather.

  • No cash refund will be given if you choose not to make your skydive. 

  • Free jump must be completed during the 2024 season. 5/2024 - 11/2024.

  • Many will enter, one will win. (But we will gladly add a friend on the plane to jump with you, at normal rate!

Joshua Evans and another licensed sport skydiver making a recreational skydive at Skydive Seneca Lake
Michael Missroon exiting Skydive Seneca Lake's Cessna 206 airplane thirteen thousand feet over Seneca Lake
Two tandem pairs on takeoff in a Cessna 206 at the Ovid Airport in New York
Matthew Jackson flying a tandem parachute with a student on approach to the parachute landing area at D82 airport

Enter For a Chance to Win!

Can't wait to see you above the Finger Lakes!

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