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  • What is the maximum weight for tandem skydiving passengers?
    The total maximum weight for passengers is determined based on the total weight of the tandem instructor, tandem passenger, and skydiving gear combined. For this reason, maximum weight is determined on a case-by-case basis. Weight is also not the only consideration when determining whether the skydive will be possible. We also need to determine if the tandem pair will be able to move about the aircraft cabin and exit from the aircraft safely. Participants who are height/weight proportionate should be okay to skydive. Depending on aircraft availability, we can accommodate many tandem passengers up to 270 pounds. Any tandem passenger over 225 pounds should call ahead to ensure availability. If we are not able to accommodate the reservation after booking due to safety concerns or aircraft limitations, a full refund including deposit will be issued for the tandem jumper. We otherwise do not offer refunds, please see our refund policy below.
  • What are the age limits for participating in skydiving?
    Participants must be over 18 in order to skydive. A photo ID is required during check in, and while filling out waivers. But, there is no age cap on jumping! Our instructors have even taken participants on tandems to celebrate their 90th birthday.
  • What if I decide not to skydive, is there a refund policy?
    If we are unable to accommodate your skydive due to factors beyond our control including weather, we will allow you to reschedule your skydive for a future date. Your deposit will remain "in-limbo" until you make another reservation. We do not refund deposits. If you experience an extenuating circumstance which prevents you from being able to skydive, please contact us and we may make an accommodation at our discretion. During the day of your skydive if you decide you no longer wish to skydive after completing the check-in process, you may receive a partial refund but we will retain the deposit for the skydive. Once you board the aircraft, no refunds will be issued for any reason.
  • What is freefall like, will I be able to breathe?
    Freefall from an airplane is unique, in that you feel more like you are flying than you are falling. This is because when you exit the aircraft, you have the inertia from airplane flight; which means you will transition from flying across the ground, to lunging towards it! This transition takes away the feeling that you would get from riding a roller-coaster or BASE jumping. Skydiving feels very "zen" compared to what people tend to expect. While it can be an intense feeling when the door opens, once you exit the aircraft there's actually a feeling of freedom and tranquility. You may not be thinking about breathing in freefall, bust rest assured you will continue breathing normally.. Some people simply do not recall breathing due to sensory overload! If in the moment you do not think you are breathing, all you have to do is let out a scream. Not only does this look great on your video, but it forces you to focus on breathing and "viola" you are once again present! Skydiving is about as "present" and "living in the moment" as it gets!
  • Is it common-practice to tip instructors?
    The industry standard for tandem passengers is to leave a tip for tandem instructors, but only if they have exceeded your expectations! Tips are not required, but are greatly appreciated by our jump staff. We provide comment cards after each tandem skydive, in which you can leave a cash tip inside if you wish. Our instructors also have either Venmo or PayPal tags on the envelope where you can scan with your phone and easily leave a tip if you do not carry cash. We truly do appreciate all of your feedback, good or bad on these comment cards. Instructors love to read these comments at the end of every week, and any humor in the comments is greatly appreciated! We all strive to exceed your expectations, and if we fail to do so; in that case the best tip of all is how we can do better in the future!
  • Can I smoke on airport property?
    We have a dedicated smoking area, and this is strictly enforced. Cigarette butts must be disposed of only in a dedicated canister in the smoking area. Once you are in your jumpsuit and/or tandem harness, no smoking is allowed. Please remember that your tandem skydiving harness is just as important to your safety as your parachute, so please treat our equipment like your life depends on it! The smoking policy applies to both customers and spectators, so please ensure your friends and family follow our smoking policy as well.
  • Can I bring friends and family to watch?
    Yes. Bring as many as you want to watch. We have a landing viewing area for all your friends.
  • Can I bring a camera on my skydive?
    No. We offer video and picture services for everyone jumping. You can watch your video with all your friends and family free of charge after your skydive. Everyone has an opportunity to purchase media.
  • What do I need to wear?
    Tandem skydiving participants should wear clothing appropriate for the day's weather and temperatures. Please keep in mind, the temperature at jump altitude will be about 20-30 degrees colder than ground temperatures for that time of day. We recommend you bring gloves and extra layers just in case you decide to layer-up. Your tandem instructor will advise whether you will be more comfortable with or without these extra layers. Wearing some type of athletic footwear or sneakers is ideal.
  • Should I eat before I jump?
    We recommend not skydiving on an empty stomach, as this can actually make you more likely to experience motion sickness! A light meal or snack before you arrive can actually ease nausea during and after your skydiving experience. Bringing snacks or a light lunch with you will come in handy if the drop zone experiences a weather hold. Please DO NOT consume alcohol before your skydive. Any participants who appear intoxicated may be required to pass a breathalyzer before gearing up for the skydive. For skydivers with any health concerns, please consult with your doctor to see if skydiving would pose additional risks for you.
  • When should I arrive for my skydive?
    Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your reservation. In order to participate in skydiving, all participants are required to sign a waiver and watch a short video explaining the risks involved. All participants are then given multiple in-depth briefings about their jump from our licensed professionals. Participants then begin the "gear up" process.. and we can't rush perfection!
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