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Tandem Skydiving

Weekday Tandem from 10k ft


For top notch service at rock bottom pricing, take advantage of our weekday rate! Tandem skydives from 10k allow for 30 seconds of freefall and 5 minutes under parachute!

Weekend Tandem from 10k


Take your weekend to new heights! Includes 30 seconds of free fall, along with a 5 minute parachute ride

Weekday Tandem from 13.5k ft


Weekday tandems from 13.5k require a group size of 2+. If you are booking a tandem for just yourself and want the extra altitude, please call us to confirm availability before booking online.

Weekend Tandem from 13.5k


Weekend tandems from 13.5k require a minimum group size of 3+. If you have a smaller group and still want to nearly double your freefall time, please call ahead to confirm availability.

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Group Discounts

Groups of 4-9:

  • $15 off your tandem skydive for each participant

Groups of 10 or more:

  • $20 off your tandem skydive for each participant

  • 20% off media package purchases.

  • Group organizer will receive their tandem media package free!
    (Free media is
    transferrable to another group member upon request)


Group discounts are stackable with other discounts listed below.

***10% off for any teachers, students, first responders, active duty/retired military***

***$15 Cash Discount


Tandem Photo & Video

This is an experience you won't want to forget! All footage of your skydive will be captured using wrist mounted cameras. From the pre-interview on the ground, the freefall experience as well as the moment the parachute opens and you float back down to earth, this is one experience you will want to watch again and again!

Note: Every tandem skydive is recorded at Skydive Seneca Lake! All participants are able to preview their jump footage post skydive to decide if they wish to purchase media. If participants choose to only purchase 1-3 photos, they are able to hand select their desired stills from our touch screen media system. If participants wish to purchase their media at a later date, no worries! SSL has got you covered. We will store your jump footage indefinitely in case you change your mind, and wish to relive your awesome skydiving adventure through the screen!

Photos Only

3 Photos

Photos and Video

1 Photo

Preparing for your Tandem Skydive
  • Tandem skydiving participants should wear clothing appropriate for the day's weather and temperatures. Please keep in mind, the temperature at jump altitude will be about 20-30 degrees colder than ground temperatures for that time of day. We recommend you bring gloves and extra layers just in case you decide to layer-up. Your tandem instructor will advise whether you will be more comfortable with or without these extra layers. Wearing some type of athletic footwear or sneakers is ideal. 

  • We recommend not skydiving on an empty stomach, as this can actually make you more likely to experience motion sickness! A light meal or snack before you arrive can actually ease nausea during and after your skydiving experience. Bringing snacks or a light lunch with you will come in handy if the drop zone experiences a weather hold. Please DO NOT consume alcohol before your skydive. Any participants who appear intoxicated may be required to pass a breathalyzer before gearing up for the skydive. For skydivers with any health concerns, please consult with your doctor to see if skydiving would pose additional risks for you. 

  • Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your reservation. In order to participate in skydiving, all participants are required to sign a waiver and watch a short video explaining the risks involved. All participants are then given multiple in-depth briefings about their jump from our licensed professionals. Participants then begin the "gear up" process.. and we can't rush perfection!

  • For more information about the tandem skydiving experience, please read our FAQ page. We look forward to jumping with you!

AFF/Coach Student

So, you're ready to do this all by yourself now? Congrats on your decision to pursue your A license, and welcome to the coolest sport ever! To enter into the wonderful world of skydiving, you will first have to complete "Ground School" or a "First Jump Course" with our professionals. (Kind of like the 5 hour course to get your NYS driver's license...except, for the sky!) Please contact us to set this up, so we can get you off the ground to start jumping!

Dual instructor

(Category A, B & C1)


Single Instructor

(Category C2, D & E)



(Category F, G, H 
& Check Dive)

Student Self Supervised


"Hop and Pop"

(Instructor Supervised)



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