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Tandem Skydiving Experience
  • For tandem skydiving groups, expect to spend half the day with us.
    While we try our best to minimize wait times for all customers, skydiving is a weather dependent sport!


  • We adhere strictly to FAA requirements including cloud clearance requirements, and also restrict skydiving operations for certain wind conditions for your safety.


  • On days that may appear safe to those who are not pilots or skydivers, please keep in mind that wind gusts present significant dangers that experienced aviators can easily recognize. We want to fly and skydive as much as you do, so please be patient if we announce a "weather hold" or "wind hold."


  • If you are making a long drive to visit us, please watch your phone/voicemail/email within 24 hours of your skydive as we may contact you recommending that you reschedule your skydive in anticipation of uncooperative weather. If you are visiting the Finger Lakes region on vacation, please plan your skydive for earlier in your trip to allow for an alternate date for rescheduling due to inclement weather conditions

Preparing for your Tandem Skydive
  • Tandem skydiving participants should wear clothing appropriate for the day's weather and temperatures. Please keep in mind, the temperature at jump altitude will be about 20-30 degrees colder than ground temperatures for that time of day. We recommend you bring gloves and extra layers just in case you decide to layer-up. Your tandem instructor will advise whether you will be more comfortable with or without these extra layers. Wearing some type of athletic footwear or sneakers is ideal. 

  • We recommend not skydiving on an empty stomach, as this can actually make you more likely to experience motion sickness! A light meal or snack before you arrive can actually ease nausea during and after your skydiving experience. Bringing snacks or a light lunch with you will come in handy if the drop zone experiences a weather hold. Please DO NOT consume alcohol before your skydive. Any participants who appear intoxicated may be required to pass a breathalyzer before gearing up for the skydive. For skydivers with any health concerns, please consult with your doctor to see if skydiving would pose additional risks for you. 

  • Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your reservation. In order to participate in skydiving, all participants are required to sign a waiver and watch a short video explaining the risks involved. All participants are then given multiple in-depth briefings about their jump from our licensed professionals. Participants then begin the "gear up" process.. and we can't rush perfection!

  • For more information about the tandem skydiving experience, please read our FAQ page, as well as our blog posts below. We look forward to jumping with you!

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